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Tea Meditation Package

Tea Meditation Package

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This tea and meditation package is designed to give you a tangible, full-body experience of being with what is from a place of ease, rest and unconditional appreciation of each moment.

As we sip the tea, we become present to the impermanence of each emotion, sensation, experience. Instead of always looking outside of ourselves, we go inward to become each moment, fully, letting it move through us with ease.


What you get:

  • One 24K tea blend pouch
  • Unlimited access to tea meditation led by Snjezana Pruginic. She has been practicing and teaching for many years, most recently offered in her popular small group tea mediation gatherings. As a Wellness Practitioner of Zen Shiatsu and Chinese Medicine for almost 20 years, and a meditation instructor for almost as long, this meditation is a beautiful combination of various teachings from Eastern Medicine and Philosophies combined with Snjezana’s trauma-centred and community rooted methods of working with our emotional, personal and social healing.