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Green tea is probably the most famous detox tea around the world. But do you know there is more to it than just detoxing properties? People look for supplements that are actually magical, because at this age almost everyone wants to live a healthy and magical life, and there are only a few things that help with that.

One of them is, of course, is green tea. This drink dates all the way back to 2737 B.C and (not surprising at all) it was discovered in China, according to Since then, the health benefits of green tea have always been praised, and the world swears that it's the healthiest thing you can drink, after water of course. But have you thought what would happen if you drank green tea every day? Here are some surprising health benefits of drinking green tea everyday:

  • You will have lots of energy
  • You won't have much anxiety 
  • Your heart health will improve a lot 
  • If you drink green tea every day, you may put yourself at a decreased risk for diabetes
  • You could lose weight 
  • Your brain will function at a higher level 
  • Your mood could improve 
  • Your athletic performance could improve
  • You might have a decreased risk of cancer if you drink green tea every day

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